Omega Q nutritional supplement


A Unique blend of essential omega acids and the coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10), two of the most powerful ingredients for initiating and sustaining overall canine health, starting at a cellular level.
This balanced combination supports heart and brain function as well as the overall well being of your dog.

CoQ10 helps maintain cholesterol levels and is an important factor in preserving mental function.

Omega fatty acids are well known for their numerous health benefits, but cannot be sustained in your dogs body, so must be regularly replenished.

Omega Q provides beneficial nutrients EPA and DHA, and is ideal to help promote cellular growth in young dogs and counteract cellular deterioration in seniors.

Beneficial for a host of health issues including,

Dry eyes
Supports neurological development
Helps maintain energy levels
Heart health
Brain function

FISH oil, Gelatin, Emulsifier, Glycerol, Olive Oil (olea europaea), Water, Coenzyme Q10, Lemon Oil (Fruit) (Citrus Limon), Carob Bean Extract (Ceratonia siliqua).

Suitable for all dogs including seniors and puppies to support good health.
Recommended daily allowance for a large dog is 1 capsule per day (small dog - 1/2 capsule) 

Great Value  - 56 capsules per pack