Restoriix - Oral Dog healthcare


Restoriix - Oral Dog healthcare 

Restoriix can be used daily for up to 7 day’s then reduced to once a week to keep your dogs oral health in optimum condition.

If you have problems brushing your dogs teeth alternatively wet your finger and apply to the teeth.

Restoriix can be added to clean fresh water and given to aid with tummy upsets, Restoriix coats and flushed any toxins from the body. 


1. Wet a small soft toothbrush with water and dip into the Restoriix powder.

2. Brush your dogs teeth gently For 2/3 minutes, you will see the restoriix change to a green/ black colour.

3 Give your dog access to clean fresh water.

The charcoal is safe for your dog to swallow and also helps the digestive system along with helping to promote good bacteria in the gut.



  • Supporting healthy immune function.*
  • Helping the body remove free radicals and other unwanted substances.*
  • Maintaining balanced pH levels in the body and boosting healthy alkalinity levels, which are essential for good health and immune support. A body with proper alkaline levels contains high oxygen levels, which supports the body's natural defenses, as well as favoring the preservation of lean muscle mass, essentially slowing the aging process.*


  • Supporting immune function.*
  • Helping to digest food more efficiently.*
  • Supporting healthy cholesterol and blood sugar levels already within normal range.*

Other key ingredients include activated charcoal of willow tree bark, Organic Spirulina, Chia Seeds, Chlorophyllin, and Ginger Root.